How to play

For two players, age 13+.

  1. First person chooses a category. Second person chooses a subcategory. First person chooses a card in the subcategory and turns it over.
  2. Both players answer the question honestly, or say “I can’t answer that.” Maybe one player will have a story to tell and the other won’t. Both should listen to each other.
  3. Do not advise. Answer the question with your own personal experiences. The listener can award a red “advising” card if the story turns into advice.
  4. Do not apologize. Make a mutual agreement to accept the story without judgment, including self-inflicted judgment. Either player can award a yellow “apologizing” card.
  5. Do not make judgments about story, victim blame, or ask the teller to justify their choices. The speaker can award an orange “judgment” card if they feel defensive or the other player makes a judgment.

If either player racks up three or four cards, take that as a cue to walk away from the game for a while. Try again another day. Limit gameplay in general – if a card provokes a good conversation, let it sit for a while. Don’t play more than two or three cards in a session.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The red, orange, and yellow cards don’t yet have physical or digital existence. You just say “red card!” for now.